Portrait Auftragsarbeiten - Portrait Commissions

Sandra Wörner

I live and work as a painter and drawer surrounded  by the forests and fields of the Spessart. After studying architecture I work since 2004 in my studio in a small village located near Frankfurt.  I´m known as a commissioned painter for family and animal portraits. In addition to my work as a painter, I organize courses in my studio as well as art projects at schools and other public and private institutions. I am glad to show my work in various exhibitions in Germany and abroad and I am proud that my books about drawing and painting were published.

Drawing is my passion
Memories enrich our world of experience above all in the form of pictures. Especially through digital photography, every family celebration or holiday brings us a flood of pictures that are rarely processed and are actually too bad to be forgotten on a hard drive.

Picture of the picture - drawn memories for special people



I am happy to send you signed copies of my books          14,90€ + shipping costs

  • Buchvorne
  • Buchhinten - Kopie


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