Portrait Auftragsarbeiten - Portrait Commissions

Drawn Memories Of People and Pets

Realistic Custom Pet and Family Portraits in Graphite, Colour Pencil and Acrylics

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Memories enrich our world of experience above all in the form of pictures. Especially through digital photography, every family celebration or holiday brings us a flood of pictures that are rarely processed and are actually too bad to be forgotten on a hard drive.

Picture of the picture - drawn memories for special people

Welcome animal lovers!
Our pets are more like a family and mean something special for each of us. That's why I don't just ask for a reference picture, I like to hear stories and get to know your pet to capture its soul and character. I strive for perfection with the highest quality pencils on paper, so that this work of art is appreciated.

Please contact me,  don´t hestitate to ask questions - I look forward to preserve special memories with you!